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Control-level 1


The ball is in the center of the app icon.

A player is represented as a ball to play any game of Color Switch (with exception to the Turn game mode). On mini games, the ball must reach the finish line in order to complete the level. On endless modes, the further the ball goes, the higher the score. Depending on the game mode, the ball can be controlled in many different ways with accordance to the game mode played.

There are many skins for the ball that can be obtained with the Daily Prize or the store. With the latest update, there are currently 198 skins for the balls, 94 that can be obtained via stars, 95 from completing game modes, and 9 from the Daily Prize. Some skins references games and logos like the pokeball and the radioactive logo.

Currently, these are the only ways to receive a skin for the balls:

  • By purchasing it using stars
  • By completing certain amount of levels in a game mode (10, 25, 50, etc.)
  • Finishing levels
  • Using a daily spin


During a typical game (plus the display in the shop), the ball will slowly spin around clockwise while moving up or down depending on the game mode. This is to represent that the ball is moving as the player plays the game. Based on how the other balls spin, it can be deduced that the default game ball also spins though since it appears circular. However, the spin is simply not shown.

When a player fails to complete a level, the ball bursts into four different colors around the screen to taunt the player for around two or three seconds. Even if the ball is only one color, all four typical colors (red, yellow, blue, and purple) will be shown.

In game modes, a typical "level complete" will consist of the ball floating automatically to the top of the screen with four colors dispersing around, similar to fireworks (and the failing animation), as a celebration for the next level.

Current Skins


  • The ghost skin is the only skin exclusive to two game modes (Halloween and Pumpkin respectively).
    • This skin is currently the only "ball" that does not rotate like the other ones. In popular culture, ghosts usually float rather than spin, which isn't probably why the developers did not add the feature here.
    • The level complete and fail animation in the Pumpkin game mode appears clearly even though the view of the obstacles is slightly obstructed.
    • There are only 9 balls a user can earn by spinning the daily spin.