Black & White is 10th game mode and the 4th endless mode in Color Switch. It is one of the most unique modes in the game, because instead of vivid colors, the mode has only two colors: black and white.


The mode revolves around shifting between two colors: black and white. When the ball is black, all obstacles are black as well - so when the ball is white, all obstacles are white. However, unlike in other game modes, in order to go through an obstacle, the ball must pass through areas that are opposite (negative) of the color of the ball, which means that same-colored areas act as 'walls', that destroy the ball in collision. 

By switching the color, background color switches as well. The color of the background is always opposite of the color of the ball. Only obstacles of color different than the background are visible - but only when the background is black. When the background is white, you will see thin black outlines of invisible obstacles, and that often makes the game easier.


By structure, all obstacles are same as those from Classic, Gravity, Cave and other basic game modes. However, since they are monochromatic, their color patterns are different. In later levels of the mode, there are often obstacles that fade and re-appear. These can be found in other modes as well, but in this game mode they can create some problems since everything is black and white.


  • Black & White is similar to Classic, but with only 2 colors.

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