Christmas is the 30th game mode in Color Switch. It is the 3rd holiday game mode and was released on Version 5.6.1. It is also the 20th endless mode that was added in Version 5.7.1.


Like the Halloween game mode, this game mode is also a re-skinned version of Challenges. The skin of the ball the player can only use in this game mode is the snowflake. The colors in this game mode are:white, blue, green and red.


Obstacles in this game mode are Christmas themed. There's a pole, a snowflake, etc. Obstacles also formed Christmas themes like the Christmas tree.



  • This is the third season themed game mode. The first is Halloween.


Version Changes
Version 5.61 Game mode was added to the game
Version 5.71 Endless mode added to the game and added 25 new levels
Version 5.92 Added 15 new levels

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