Circle is the 28th game mode and 21st endless mode in Color Switch. It was released on Version 5.3.0. It's endless mode was released on Version 5.9.2


Circle's icon is a light blue. The word "Circle" bounces from left to right, on the circle to the left. The circle rotates counterclockwise. The circle resembles a color switcher.


In this game mode, the player must tap the screen for the ball to hop from one circle to another. Circles slowly rotate counter-clockwise. Unlike in Spin mode, once the ball lands on the circle, it stays on top of it and doesn't rotate along. However, it still touches the circle, so it 'explodes' by touching the wrong color. Some circles are divided into two colors that appear in different patterns, and will rotate in a slow speed (fast speed in later levels). The player can only die by hopping onto the wrong color.

The ball passes circles from left to right, by making short jumps. Those jumps can be interrupted by obstacles, so the player needs to learn the ball's trajectory to avoid them. 

Between two circles there are often unavoidable switches - the classic color switch which changes the ball's color, and gravity switch that sends the ball below the circle and changes the gravity until another switch. If this gets tricky, the player can simply flip the phone to make the gameplay easier like before.


Starting from the first level up to the 4th level, the only obstacle the player can encounter is the circle itself that has two colors. From Level 5 onwards, the player will now encounter familiar (and new) obstacles.



  • In some levels, sometimes the circle's color will change to another color that occupies the other parts of the circle. When this happens while the ball is intact, the ball will not 'explode', making the player confused.
  • Although the icon of the mode shows a circle with all 4 colors, all circles in actual gameplay are combinations of 2 colors.
  • This is the first game mode to feature a music sample (split).