Control is the 16th game mode and the 8th endless mode in Color Switch.


The aim of the game mode is to control obstacles in the level and help the ball reach the finish line. Levels get more difficult because of the increasing speed of the ball.

Just like other classic modes, levels consist of obstacles and a ball. However, the ball is not controlled by the player, instead, it moves on its own. The ball's movements are not a simulation where a bot controls it by jumping (like in Race mode), instead the ball moves linearly at a constant speed. 

All obstacles are controlled by the player. One tap on the screen changes the position of an obstacle for one step. For example, if there is a circle with four sides, tapping the screen rotates the circle for one step and a different color pattern faces the incoming ball. But by tapping, the player doesn't control only one obstacle, they control all of them at once. So if there is another circle ahead of the first one, one tap will rotate them both. This often makes more challenging and tricky situations.

Most frequent situations that require skill in controlling multiple obstacles at once, are situations with multiple circular spikes. To let the ball pass through, the player needs to open the path by splitting two spikes, but that also makes another two spikes get together, blocking the path again, so the player needs to react quickly to set everything correctly and make sure the ball passes safely. Some levels in the mode include only this type of obstacles.

Similar game modes to control exist, including the Obstacles game mode.



  • In Endless Mode, the Balls's speed increases over time.

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