Halloween is the 26th game mode and the 19th endless mode in Color Switch. It is the first holiday themed game mode.


The game mode is basically a copy of the Classic game mode but with a Halloween theme. Instead of the casual color scheme with pink, purple, yellow and light blue colors, Halloween has a new, unique color scheme. Patterns are red, green, sea blue and purple. (Note: the red and green colors in this mode are not the same red and green as in Spin game mode).

The only ball the player can use is a ghost ball, a unique ball which doesn't rotate like other balls.


Although the game play format is a copy of Classic, obstacles are very different. Some of them are from game modes such as SlowControl and Jump. There are new "ghost obstacles" that consist of little ghosts that look identical to the ghost ball and pumpkins. Ghosts move in unique patterns and form obstacles.  

Every few seconds, a black bat flies across the screen, but the player does not die on it.