Loop is the 29th game mode in Color Switch. It was released in Version 5.5.


In this , the ball moves along a line, while obstacles fall down from the top. The player must tap the screen in order to change the ball's direction to avoid the obstacles.


In this game mode, stars fall alongside the obstacles, the player must tap at the right time to get the stars then tap again to avoid the obstacles behind it, getting stars in this game mode is a bit tricky as the stars are usually followed by obsatcles.At the end there is always 6 stars.


Obstacles in this game mode will fall down from the top of the screen. Some will move. Others will be in a fixed position. Some of the old ones are present in this game mode.



  • This is the second game mode to feature dual balls. The first is Split.
    • However, only one ball will pass the finish line.