Spin is the 12th game mode and the 5th endless mode in Color Switch.


This game mode revolves around spinning circles. In this mode, balls are attached to these circles. The goal is to shoot the ball and hit another circle, after which the ball gets attached to it again. This is how you achieve transition between circles. Unlike in other game modes, the circles are made out of green and red parts, or sometimes, they are entirely green. The ball is always green. If the ball hits a red part of any circle, it breaks instead of attaching to it and the game is over.

The circles that the ball attaches to always spin in some way: either going from one side to another, or doing 360 degree spins. Spinning speed can vary. In later levels, the speed can be very high, making it harder to precisely hit targets. In addition of spinning, the circles sometimes completely move around the screen.

Other than circles, there are often dynamic, red obstacles on the screen. They can be small red rings, moving blocks, static and rotating walls and moving spikes. Hitting them with the ball results in instant game failure.

The shooting system is identical to Shoot game mode.

If the ball stays attached to a circle too long, it will start fading, and this leads to game failure. This sometimes adds extra pressure to the player.


  • If the finish line is visible, the player can aim at it, passing through the other circles/obstacles and finishing the level instantly.


  • This is one of the game modes that don't feature colors switching.
  • This is the first game mode to feature different colors besides purple, yellow, light blue and pink.

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