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The store's icon

The store is an Element in Color Switch. It's the place where the player can purchase and choose Balls (skins). All of the In-App Purchases are located here. There are currently 183 balls available in the store.


The store can be found by tapping the icon in the bottom right of the main menu. in it the player finds a list of balls, where the balls unlocked are shown, while the others are locked. The balls locked can be obtained by several ways:

  • Purchasing them using stars
  • Finishing a number of levels in all game modes
  • Completing a certain amount of levels in particular game modes
  • Winning them in the daily spin

In-App Purchases

At the bottom of the store a doubled stars icon can be found. By tapping it, a group of options shows up:


  • Remove ads
  • Unlock all levels
  • Doubled stars

REMOVE ADS ($2.99)

Remove all game ads definitively.


Give access to all levels including future levels that will come with updates.

This doesn't unlock NEW LEVELS/MODES.


All currency stars collected while playing are doubled.

This doesn't multiply by 2 to the player's score or the player's current total stars.



  • (WIP)

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