Swoop is the 31st game mode and 22nd endless mode in Color Switch. It was released on Version 5.8. It's endless mode was released on Version 6.1.0.


In this game mode the ball from a wall in the middle of the screen the player can make the ball bounce faster by tapping. The player can change the side of the wall which the ball bounces on by falling into a gap and it will bounce on the other side. In some parts of levels ther is no wall and the player can still make speed up the ball.


This game mode features some power-ups or tools that can help the player complete the level:


Just like in Tower the booster increases the ball's speed it's useful passing long walls with different colors than the ball, the booster can be found in three different spots on each side of the wall; on closest to the wall, one in the middle and one far from the wall.


This game mode also features vortex, there is two kind of vortex; a big one and a small one each one is placed in a side and can transport the ball to the other vortex.