Target is the 33rd game mode and 24th endless mode in Color Switch. It was released on Version 6.2. It's endless mode was released on Version 6.6.0.


This game mode is very unique because, rather than using a ball, it uses some parts of the obstacles. The player must destroy all of the targets of the corresponding color. The aiming guide will disappear after the player taps to shoot. When the player lose, the aiming guide will reappear to show where did it hit. Once a player take a shot, the beam will reverse and change color. The more targets the player break, the faster the beam rotate.


Some obstacles in this game mode are for either distraction or block. It will rotate along the other obstacles.



  • This is the first game mode to not use a ball.


Version Changes
Version 6.20 Game mode added to the game
Version 6.26 Added 15 new levels
Version 6.60 Endless mode added to the game