Tower is the 25th game mode and the 18th endless mode in Color Switch that was added in Version 4.8.1 and its endless mode in Version 5.2.0.


This game mode consists of groups of levels of 10 each. As the levels (within the 10) grow higher, the tower becomes taller and the player has to go through more stories.

Every level group starts with a story consisting of 3 stars and no obstacles and in the first level of each group, the second story, which consists of a different layout per group, introduced. In level two, one extra story with a different layout is added along with all the previous stories, meaning that everything that was in level 1 was in level 2 with an extra story added, and everything that was in level 2 was in level 3 with another story added, and so on.

In order to dodge the obstacles, the player needs to jump their way through the obstacles.



  • Some game mode elements like Dodge and Warp are present in this game mode.
  • The player can start from the first level of whatever tower (group of levels) he wants, like in Challenges.

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