Challenges: Doesn't count.

Reverse: Why more stages than challenges? But it's cool.

Races: Not harder than no races.

Cave: CRAZY difficult. Can't get far at all.

Color Swap: Boring. Also pretty hard.

Color Fly: Cool. And pretty hard too.

Gravity: Really fun and cool.

Split: Why weren't there more stages for this? It's a really cool mode.

Bounce: It's one of the hardest modes of all. I can barely get past any of it.

Black and White: NIce.

Break: It's a really fun and cool idea.

Spin: Over too quickly.

Line: WAAAAAAAAAY too easy.

Shoot: Clever.

Turn: Really starting to stretch too far from the original.

Control: Just the right difficulty, and fun too.

Zigzag: Gets hard fast with annoying patterns.

Jump: Seems easy at first and gets brutal.

Climb: Pretty cool and fun.

Slde: Rolling Sky but not Rolling Sky.

Dodge: IMO the hardest mode. I can't pass SEVEN.

Brick: Stretching WAAAAAY too far from the original. Could easily be its own game.

Slow: Neat idea.

Warp: Surprisingly easy compared to the similar Dodge.

Tower: Geometry Dash but not Geometry Dash. Also repetition.

Halloween: Doesn't count.

Pumpkin: Was one cave mode not enough?

Circle: Jump, but harder to time.

Loop: Neat idea also, but not that fun.

Swoop: HOW did they come up with this?

Border: Repetitive and tedious.

Christmas: Doesn't count.

Target: WHOA WHOA WHOA what is with this difficulty???

Valentine's Day: Doesn't count.

Up and Down: Lazy and uninspired rehash of Climb, just sideways.

Circular: Lazy and uninspired rehash of Target, just form the outside.

Hop Hop: Lazy and uninspired rehash of Swoop, just sideways.

See the problem with the new modes?