Warp is the 24th game mode in Color Switch that was added on Update 4.6.0


Levels in Warp consist of two paralell lines on both sides of the screen, through which the ball travels. The ball moves across the screen from left to right, and after hitting the right line it re-appears and continues moving right again. Therefore those lines are portals that continuosly send the ball from one side to another. The player controls the ball by tapping the screen to jump and balancing the ball in the air. The gameplay is actually identical to Dodge and Bounce, but instead of bouncing, the ball travels through portals and continuosly moves from left to right. 


There are many new obstacles in Warp, while classic ones are usually static. There are some obstacles that shift from one state to another, such as colored boxes that disappear and shuriken blades that move, but old obstacles such as circles, rectangles and triangles are always static. This makes the mode very similar to Dodge.


This portal is use to teleport into another portal above it. Whenever the ball goes through the portal, everything slows down for a moment and the ball teleports to another portal above it, this time spawning on the opposite side (for example, if the ball enters into one portal on the bottom part of it, it will spawn on top of the other portal). However, if the ball goes through the second portal, but there are no more pods above, it will get sucked into the pod and explode, resulting in a failure. This rarely happens because usually there is no reason at all to go back through portals, but players can sometimes get tricked by other obstacles.

Although portals are always unavoidable elements that need to be used to progress through levels, they have two white points on their ends, and if the ball hits them it explodes, again resulting in failure. This makes teleportation pods half useful objects, half obstacles. Sometimes the portal has a white line in the back. There is a little chance that you will hit this line.


Stars in Warp are rare near obstacles, but at the end of each level there are 10 stars like in Dodge, Zigzag and Slide (6 if the level borders are tighter). As the ball can endlessly travel from one side of the screen to another, all 10 stars can always be collected at the end of any level. This makes Warp the best game mode for grinding stars, of them all.



  • The color of the portals share the same color blue of the portal in the game Portal.

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